Privacy policy
Last updated: 24.01.2020

Hello! We are 105lvl studio.
We do not collect, process or store any personal data from any of our games on any platform.

Data from our games

Our games collect non-personal data using integrated third-party services for achievements, leaderboards and cloud saves such as Apple iCloud and Gamecenter, Google Play services. Such data are stored in these third-party services. We do not store personal or gameplay data on our servers. These services have their own privacy policies.

Our games collect, use, and disclose non-personal data from underage users in the same way as for other users, as described in this policy. Use of underage users' data is limited to support internal operations of the game. Parents can learn more about how we handle data by contacting us at email address below.

We use Google Analytics and its cookies on our websites.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact